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GMRC is a subsidiary of the SGA founded in 1952 to provide its member companies and industry with the benefits of an applied research and technology program directed toward improving reliability and cost effectiveness of the design, construction, and operation of mechanical and fluid systems.

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SGA is revising the art of verbal persuasion and energizing an industry through the Natural Gas Champions training program. This unique course is a result of a collection of industry leaders' vision to harness the power of knowledge sharing and evaluate the sentiment of conversation about the future of energy in this country.

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Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines - Webinar

GMRC Intro




Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs) are the heart of the Oil & Gas Industry, yielding the power to pump vital elements through pipelines across North America.  This introductory course will provide a solid foundation for individuals working on, interested in or responsible for, this equipment. By exploring the History of Horsepower, participants will be introduced to External Combustion Engines as well in order to understand efficiencies of both types. Attendees will be educated through presentation, demonstration of working models and interaction with the teacher. Join us in exploring a unique perspective on Combustion Engines.     


You will learn:

  • History of Horsepower
  • Internal vs External Combustion
  • Explanation of Indicated, Brake and Effective HP
  • Intro to the Otto Cycle
  • Two-Stroke vs Four-Stroke Engines
  • Reciprocating vs Centrifugal Engines
  • Diesel vs Gasoline Engines
  • Fire Triangle
  • Integral vs Separable Engines
  • Principles of Operation in Combustion Cycles


Attendees will receive 2 Professional Development Hours


Who Should Attend 

  • Entry-Level Engineers
  • Analysts
  • Technicians
  • Mechanics
  • FSRs
  • Project Managers
  • Reliability Engineers interested in gaining a basic understanding of Internal Combustion Engines


When & Where 

April 29, 2020 | 09:00 am - 11:00 am /CDT | VIRTUAL 


Registration fees (open to the public) :

Member: $75

Non-Member: $100

 Registration is now closed



Experienced Instructor: 



 Mary Savalle, PMP, REC

A passionate and unapologetic advocate for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) educational opportunities, Detroit native Mary Savalle attended Wayne State University and completed her final year of undergraduate studies at Polytechnica Universidad de Puerto Rico.

Her multi-faceted career began with DTE and includes experience with large natural gas engines and compressors, diagnosing engine/compressor defects, leadership at the largest gas storage facility in Michigan, supporting the Continuous Improvement Department, Reliability Engineer, Principal Reliability Engineer, and Capital Project Manager.

Mary’s professional credentials include:

  • BS in Mechanical Engineering
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Reliability Engineering Certification (REC) through Clemson University. 


She has published industry papers, travels nationally teaching courses on internal combustion engine concepts and has developed training devices for kinesthetic learners. She has worked with companies around the world in research, analysis and training activities.

Mary’s passion for STEAM and community has resulted in partnerships with a local art store and elementary school to teach children STEAM concepts. Utilizing art and artifacts to create an interactive and engaging experience for 50 students each month, Mary is striving to ignite the STEAM movement in the next generation.





This event follows the SGA Cancellation Policy "C"  when cancellation is needed.


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For content Information Please Contact Learning & Professional Development.


Copy of Visionary Leaders SM 1


Assessment Tools to Better Understand Your Team Members


There are many assessment tools on the market - we will explore 2 behavioral tools: Extended DiSC and StrengthsFinders during this webinar. Behavioral models allow us to better understand both how we behave and the behavior of other people - especially our team members at work.


Learning objectives:

  • Basic understanding of Extended DiSC and StrengthsFinders as assessment tools used to better understand team members behavior
  • Understand how these tools are used to improve team development/performance
  • Learn the difference between behavior under pressure vs crisis


Attendees will receive1 Professional Development Hour


Who Should Attend 

  • Leaders who want to propel their remote workforce to team success
  • Remote Team Managers/Leaders
  • Remote Team Members who want to better understand Team Dynamics 


When & Where 

May 8, 2020. 10:00 am CTVIRTUAL 


Registration fees (open to the public) :

Member: $25

Non-Member: $50


Register Now





Brian Schubring


Brian Schubring President & CEO, Leadership Vision

Brian Schubring is the Founder and President of Leadership Vision, a firm providing Strengths-based organizational and leadership consulting.

Brian brings 30+ years of leadership experience within the private sector, education, and business. Since 2000, he has worked with over 16,000 individuals in more than 350 organizations in Asia, North and Central America, and 18 European countries. Brian has done extensive consulting, team building and coaching with individuals for the purpose of building strong people, teams and organizational culture






Dr. Linda Schubring


Linda Schubring, Principal Consultant, Leadership Vision

Since 2008, Dr. Linda Schubring has brought heart and soul to each engagement at Leadership Vision. As a Principal Consultant, she particularizes people, demonstrates a passion for contributions of others, and is a charismatic communicator.

Linda has traveled around the world studying people and communities adding to her cultural repertoire. Through a decade of administration in higher education, she developed proven management, leadership development, and successful bridge-building skills. In 2013, Linda earned her Doctorate in Intercultural Studies where she studied how multi-national leaders, teams, and individuals navigate change in a European context. From 2012-2019 she served as the VP of Employee Experience at an IT consulting firm in the Twin Cities. Her experience on an executive team and as an executive coach has fueled her drive to help individuals flourish, teams to excel and companies to thrive through cultivation of positive organizational culture





Cindy M


Cindy Mitchell, Senior Director Of Member Experience and Administration, SGA

Cindy is an innovative leader now using her talents and experience to foster confidence and skills in leaders at all levels in organizations that want to continue to grow, develop and mature. Cindy spent 20 years leading a large office in local government as an elected official.  After retiring, Cindy consulted in leadership development, change management and worked with a couple of oil and gas companies to roll out huge leadership initiatives with several hundred leaders.  Cindy is an expert in using assessments as tools in coaching, team building and professional development for leaders.  Celebrating more than a year with SGA, she is bringing her leadership to the daily operations and the member experience. 









This event follows the SGA Cancellation Policy "C"  when cancellation is needed.


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wal banner Revised

Women & Leadership - Virtual Workshop 



When & Where 

July 16, 2020 | 8:00 am-4:30 pm, Central Time| VIRTUAL (log-in information will be sent prior to event date ) 


More information and registration opportunities coming soon 


This event follows the SGA Cancellation Policy "C"  when cancellation is needed.


For registration Information Please Contact Member Services

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As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, we must enhance our commitment to embracing, respecting, and valuing differences. Working during this uncertain time requires leaders to lean into inclusive leadership principles which support psychological safety and well-being. This webinar will discuss strategies to help leaders lead inclusively in today’s virtual world.


You will learn:

  • Ways to support an inclusive remote working environment
  • How to manage unconscious bias and how to create communities of support virtually
  • Practical tips for protecting mental health

Attendees will receive 1 Professional Development Hour



April 17, 2020 | 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM CT Virtual log-in information will be sent prior to the event date  




Member: free

Non-Member: $50

Registration is now closed 



Experienced INSTRUCTOR:

Paris1508 8x10


Tommi Paris, MPA, CDP, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Southern Company Gas

Tommi Paris is a Certified Diversity Professional, certified through the Society for Diversity, and has almost 10 years of work experience in D&I, employee communications, culture, and engagement initiatives.  Tommi is the Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Southern Company Gas, which was recently awarded the Roosevelt Thomas Champion of Diversity Award by the American Association for Access, Equity and Diversity for fostering equal opportunity as well as exhibiting outstanding commitment to diversity. She has responsibility for 9 employee resource groups with 16 active chapters in 4 states. Through creative platforms and engagement activities such as D&I Talks, D&I Days and cultural heritage programs, Tommi creates workplace experiences for employees to elevate their D&IQ in an effort to continuously build an inclusive work environment.  Employees who work with Tommi can attest to her level of expertise as she enjoys creating workplace experiences that reveal and reinforce the fact that workplace diversity is an asset to the business; experiences that honor the richness of our stories; and experiences that inspire us to be better together by exploring and applying principles of workplace inclusion.  Tommi believes that because you and I spend more than a third of our lives at work, we should spend our time in a place where we are valued for who we are and what we bring to the business. Tommi also referees NCAA Division I women’s college basketball, so she frequently practices conflict resolution and diffusing tension; she considers this one of her superpowers.




Refund Policy

This event follows the SGA Cancellation Policy "C"  when cancellation is needed.


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