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GMRC is a subsidiary of the SGA founded in 1952 to provide its member companies and industry with the benefits of an applied research and technology program directed toward improving reliability and cost effectiveness of the design, construction, and operation of mechanical and fluid systems.

Learn more about GMRC by viewing the Year End Report to Members …see more

GMRC Training

Only GMRC workshops and conferences provide professionals of all levels the opportunity to gain knowledge that can be used immediately, acquire skills to help you work safer and smarter, and keep up with the latest industry regulations …see more

Gas Machinery Conference (GMC)

The GMC is an industry unique event that brings together subject matter experts in gas machinery for three days to include short courses, technical papers and new technology updates …see more

SGA Network

The purpose of the SGA Distance Learning Network is to support the development of employees of the natural gas industry and to communicate timely industry information across SGA’s member companies.  The SGA Distance Learning Network fills the gaps in training and education for natural gas employees by creating customized and unique learning opportunities tailored for our industry. Click here to see if your organization is a subscriber.

Annual Report and a Look Ahead

2013 was an exciting year for the SGA Distance Learning Network marked by new committee governance, unique program delivery options, and improved personalization options for members.  Our Annual Report and a Look Ahead document highlights our past year and plans for 2014. Click here for a copy of the report.

Supervisor Mapping Tools

The SGA Distance Learning Network Supervisor Development Mapping Tools helps supervisors build skills efficiently and effectively. These tools map the topics found in the SGA Distance Learning Network library to specific areas of responsibilities. Click here to access this tool.

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