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SGA honors Black Hills Energy with 2019 Corporate Communications award

The key to providing crucial communications responses to a crisis is always preparation, not only how well you plan for crisis situations but also how you analyze and re-analyze your efforts in a spirit of continuous improvement.

Southern Gas Association is pleased to honor Black Hills Energy with its 2019 Corporate Communications award, for revising its crisis communications plan from the ground up.

Melissa Garcia (ctr) accepts the 2019 SGA Corporate Communications award on behalf of Black Hills Energy at the Natural Gas Connect conference in July. Suzanne Ogle (L) and Bill Cantrell (R) of Southern Gas Association presented the award.

Award Detail:

Corporate Communications – Melissa Garcia, Black Hills Energy
“Ready for the Unthinkable” — Black Hills Energy’s goal was to replace their traditional crisis communication plan with a new model that could proactively answer the call of effectively building relationships and trust with all of the stakeholders, internal and external, during and following an emergency.

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