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January Issue of the Network News – Now Available

The January issue of the Network News is now available in our Communication Center.

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SGA Network News – January 2018

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Career Development Guide for Employees 
Available Now on SGAnetwork’s Campus!

Don’t we all want an opportunity to work with our supervisor to understand how we can best contribute to our organization and the industry? Are you looking for something to help you and your supervisor walk through that? Already have a process, but want to look at other resources and strengthen your existing program? SGA has the resources to help you with all of these questions! 

What Resources Are Available To You:

Career Development Guide for Employees

  • Understanding Roles & Responsibilities
  • Establishing a Vision & Creating Career Goals, including a list of questions to be a catalyst for the conversation
  • Example framework of leading questions to start the process of career development within the organization
  • Initial steps to understand how to create your Action Plan with your supervisor

Career Development Guide for Supervisors & Managers

  • Understanding the Importance of Career Development Discussions
  • Defining and Understanding Roles & Responsibilities
  • A sample list of questions to ask to start developing career goals for employees
  • Guidance on offering ongoing support of goals set with employees
  • Overview of the Situation-Behavior-Impact (SBI) Model

Career Development Action Plan Document

  • Guidance on the development of actionable plans following initial discussions with employees and assist with accountability in the journey of career development.
  • Fully editable document allows for flexibility to integrate within your existing corporate program or being the catalyst to help your organization start a program without having to do so from a blank sheet of paper!

All resources are made available in their native format so individuals and organizations can include their own corporate branding and make any necessary adjustments.

Cost: Free and exclusive only to members of the SGANetwork!

Download Now


Download Now

Thank you to Emily Majors of CenterPoint Energy and Judy Cook of PSNC Energy, a SCANA Company, for contributing to these resources.

Operations & Engineering Webinar Series 2018 

PHMSA Regulatory Update

Many have heard about the proposed “mega-rule”… but what is the current status? How has or will the new administration affect its status? What’s in and what’s out of the proposed rule based on recent PHMSA Gas Pipeline Advisory Committee meetings, discussion and activity? Hear the latest on all this and more including updates on:

  • Safety of Gas Transmission & Gathering Lines
  • Safety of On-Shore Hazardous Liquid Pipelines
  • Plastic Pipe Rule
  • Enhanced Emergency Order Procedures,
  • Underground Storage
  • Pipeline Safety Changes–OQ, cost recovery, accident and incident notification
  • Excess Flow Valves Beyond Single-Family Homes

Monday, January 29, 9:30-11:30 a.m. CT

Presenters: Bill Byrd, RCP, Inc., and Chris Foley, RCP, Inc. 

Register Today

Register Today
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