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December Issue of the Network News – Now Available

The December issue of the Network News is now available in our Communication Center.

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SGA Network News – December 2017

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SGA NETWORK NEWS December 2017

Knowledge Management – E-Workbook
Available Now on SGAnetwork’s Campus!

Organizations spend a lot of time and resources developing knowledge and capability. Over time, much of this institutional knowledge moves away as people take on new jobs, relocate or retire. While some of it gets translated into procedures and policies, most of it resides in the heads, hands, and hearts of individual managers and functional experts.

This workbook is to bring awareness to knowledge management and tools to help apply to your organization.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the context of knowledge management in support of competitive and effective business processes.
  • Learn how the legacy information and knowledge impact the organization
  • Create new ways to leverage your technology for capturing knowledge to stay efficient

Cost: Free to members of the SGANetwork!

Download Now


Download Now

Looking Ahead 

SGAnetwork in 2018
SGA’s Learning & Development Committee has 12 planned programs in development for 2018. Additionally, there are nearly 30 technical skill-focused webinars planned for the coming year, which will be available for free to SGAnetwork+PLUS members and at a discounted a la carte rate for SGAnetwork members.

Have comments or questions on programming or accessibility for 2018? Contact Gary Hines for more information.

Web-Based Training (WBT)
Throughout 2017, updates were made for DOT Compliance Parts 190-192, which completes SGA’s WBT updates on the DOT compliance courses. Updates to 10 additional courses will be made in 2018 to ensure the material is fresh for our WBT subscribers.

This is accessible for free to SGAnework+PLUS members and at a discounted rate to SGAnetwork members.

To learn more about SGA’s Web-Based Training offerings, visit Still have questions? Contact Gary Hines.

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