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2017 Executive Conference Highlights

SGA’s 2017 Executive Conference was held at The Breakers Palm Beach Resort this year, bringing together senior executives from across the industry. Attendees enjoyed a robust conference agenda filled with discussion and insight related to current issues impacting the natural gas industry.

The conference hosted a special panel discussion, “The Politics of Energy,” with moderator Don Raikes, senior vice president at Dominion Energy. Washington politics are not what they were just a few years ago. While a new administration always changes that, this administration brings a new approach to governing. In addition to the heightened opposition to hydrocarbon energy projects, the recipe of those two combined provides many unknowns. Speakers included Dave McCurdy, president and CEO at American Gas Association, and Don Santa, president and CEO, Interstate Natural Gas Association of America.

Thomas Tobin, partner at Wilson Esler, discussed the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) as it relates to the natural gas industry. Tobin highlighted the NTSB history, their role within the industry and how to partner with them more effectively during a pipeline incident.

Tisha Schuller, principal at Adamantine Energy, and David Holt, president at Consumer Energy Alliance, shared their insight about opposition groups to the oil and natural gas industry. Together, they highlighted current opposition tactics, the effectiveness of current industry strategy and unique opportunities to find common ground.

The meeting concluded with the passing of the gavel from 2016 SGA Board Chair Kimberly S. Watson of Kinder Morgan to 2018 SGA Board Chair Caron Lawhorn of ONE Gas, Inc. Lawhorn concluded the conference by unveiling the theme for 2018—Natural gas makes sense for today…and for the future.


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