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2017 Environmental Excellence Award – Partnership

Congratulations to TransCanada for being selected as 2017 winner of the SGA Environmental Excellence Award in the Partnership category.

Dan Maguire of TransCanada presented the winning program on the Spokane River Forum at the 2017 Environmental, Safety & Health, and Training Conference held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Here’s a brief excerpt on the program and TransCanada’s support:

When [Dan] Maguire found an opportunity to work as an engineer in TransCanada’s Environmental Services division in the Pacific Northwest, he jumped at the chance.

“Growing up in eastern New Jersey, it was hard to find such beautiful clean water like we have out here,” said Maguire. “There are so many opportunities to jump right in and get involved with the life of the community here that also involve the natural environment.”

Now based in Spokane, Washington, Maguire wasted little time getting plugged into local initiatives that involved being outside. TransCanada’s long-time sponsorship of a portion of the Spokane River Centennial Trail — 37 miles (60 kilometres) of converted roadway, former timberland and old railway routes parallel to the Spokane River — was an immediate outlet for what Dan called “servant leadership.”

“The Centennial Trail is a great example of what TransCanada does in its pipeline communities,” Maguire said. In addition to TransCanada’s donations to help keep the Trail in shape, Spokane employees and their families put boots on the ground each year to help the popular recreational facility.

TransCanada’s Community Action Team (CAT) provides another way for Dan and his colleagues to get involved in their region by sponsoring the Spokane River Forum, a not-for-profit that develops materials, special events and ongoing activities to promote a regional dialogue about how to sustain a healthy river system in a growing region.

“In cooperation with the Forum, we are very involved in helping prevent bank erosion — removing or reinforcing loose rock and soil,” Maguire explained. “We also work on providing authorized access points to help people get to the river safely. That includes stairs and, in some places, slides for water craft.”

About TransCanada:

For more than 60 years, TransCanada has been a leader in the safe and reliable operation of North American energy infrastructure, including a vast array of natural gas and oil pipelines, along with natural gas storage facilities and nuclear, wind, hydro and solar power-generation facilities.

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