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SGA Operations and Engineering Newsletter

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Environmental, Safety & Health and Training Conference

June 13-15 | Fort Lauderdale, FL

ESHT includes focused roundtables for 5 key areas of the industry:

  • Environmental
  • Safety & Health
  • Training
  • Inclusion & Diversity - New this year!
  • Gas Forecasters - New this year!

This conferences also features 30+ exhibitors for attendees to find out the latest in services and products available to the industry. Join us in Fort Lauderdale to learn new ideas, uncover the answers you’ve been looking for and meet new new peers.

Rates increase May 13. Register early to save!

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Register Now

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SGA Observes Gas Utility Workers’ Day
Highlights from the 2017 Spring Gas Conference & Expo 
New Inclusion and Diversity Task Force Created with Plans to Host First Roundtable at ESHT 2017

Operating Conference

July 17-19 | Atlanta, GA

The Operating Conference format is a focused roundtable discussion with 22 concurrent facilitated sessions to choose from.

Attendees learn smart practices and real life lessons from peers. Breakout sessions with presentations from subject matter experts open the conference following the keynote address.

Rates increase June 17. Sign up today to save!

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The Emergency Management Committee is collecting submissions for the Emergency Management Awards program. Winners will be recognized at the 2017 Operating Conference.

  • All entries must be submitted by May 10 to Jake Wagner
  • Focus of this year’s topic is “Effectiveness of a Company’s Response Efforts to Gas Emergencies.”

The Gas Control Committee is currently evaluating the development of a framework document to meet the new regulations (“Pipeline Safety: Operator Qualification, Cost Recovery, Accident and Incident Notification, and Other Pipeline Safety Changes) centered around “Team Training” and Team Resource Management.

  • An outline of the framework document is expected to be discussed at the Operating Conference Gas Control Roundtable in July in Atlanta.

Last call for Environmental Excellence Award nominations. Submissions accepted for Stewardship, Partnership and Technology/Conservation. For more information on the awards program, visit the webpage.

SGA rolled out a New Sponsorship Program beginning January 2017. Read more about the changes here.


Advanced In-Line Inspection Workshop

  • May 16-18 | Dublin (Columbus), OH | Register

Pipeline Design Workshop

Emergency Management Workshop

Gas Machinery Research Council

Combustion Characteristics

May 2-5 | Plano, TX 

This workshop provides a comprehensive troubleshooting and problem-solving class covering the effects of operating conditions and control adjustments on engine combustion, plus detailed discussion around issues affecting the development and use of horsepower performance curves.

Introduction to Gas Turbines & Centrifugal Gas Compressors

June 6-7 | Nashville, TN 

A two-day seminar for Gas Turbine and Gas Compressor users who are interested acquiring an understanding of basic gas turbine and gas compressor working principles. The instructors are recognized experts in gas turbine and gas compressor aero-thermodynamics, rotor dynamics and application principles.

GMRC has been conducting this highly-rated workshop for the past 20+ years with the assistance of materials developed by Solar Turbines.    

Factors in Compressor Station Design

June 6-8 | Nashville, TN 

This 2½ day workshop provides engineers and design professionals information on how to design and integrate the various parts of a compressor station into an effective and efficient system. It will provide practical knowledge on how to design a new compressor station or evaluate the design of an existing compressor station.    

Engine Analyzer & Reliability Workshop

July 18-20 | Atlanta, GA 

This GMRC workshop is designed to meet the needs of analysts and engineers who are involved in predictive and preventive maintenance programs throughout the natural gas industry. Sessions and presentation ranging from basic to advanced will allow the analysts and engineers to take home information that is useful now.       


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