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New Inclusion and Diversity Task Force Created with Plans to Host First Roundtable at ESHT 2017

Southern Gas Association is pleased to announce the formation of the new Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) Task Force.

Formed in March 2017, the Inclusion and Diversity Task Force focuses on providing a forum for I&D professionals to share challenges, best practices and lessons learned in an effort to broaden the effectiveness of inclusion and diversity efforts in their companies and across the industry.

“It is well known there are challenges hiring quality talent in the natural gas industry. I believe this I&D committee is critical to tap into talent that exists but that we have not previously reached,” said Rhonda Mayhan, chair of SGA’s task force, executive director of the ONE Gas Foundation and vice president of inclusion and diversity at ONE Gas, Inc. “Creating inclusive workplaces will help us to engage and retain that talent once we get it.”

Currently, the task force is working to develop and facilitate a roundtable for the Environmental, Safety & Health and Training Conference (ESHT) on June 13-15 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The agenda for the I&D Roundtable at ESHT will include several important topics including how to establish a baseline and measure the progress of efforts.

Preview of I&D Roundtable Sessions for ESHT 2017:

  • Engaging Management at All Levels as I&D Partners and Advocates
  • Defining I&D Beyond Race and Gender
    • Pushing Beyond Individual Perceptions of I&D to Embrace the Goal of Inclusion
  • Cultural Change in the Traditional Energy Industry
    • What Role Does I&D Play?
  • Engaging White Males as Full Diversity Partners

Interested in attending the Inclusion and Diversity Roundtable at the 2017 Environmental, Safety & Health and Training Conference? Register here.

For more information on participating in the Inclusion and Diversity Task Force, contact Kent Hobart.

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