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SGA Network News – September 2016

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SGA NETWORK NEWS September 2016

Monthly Theme: Future of Natural Gas

Natural Gas Appliance: The Rebate Rally

Thursday, September 8 from 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm CST

Presenter: Nicole Graham, Senior Market Analyst, Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia

The Rebate Rally is a unique program created for Municipally-owned natural gas systems to come together and collectively promote the use of natural gas while offering appliance rebates to customers and incentives to contractors. Typically, it can be challenging for a municipal gas system to execute a successful rebate initiative on its own, as these aren’t necessarily equipped with enough staff or resources needed to create and carry out such a program.

This project involved a collective approach of pooling together money and working with the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia to create a program that not only worked for all Municipals but also allowed for customization of rebate offerings. This webinar will provide more detail around the innovation and execution of the Rebate Rally program.

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Natural Gas Vehicles in Today’s Marketplace

Tuesday, September 13 from 9:30 am to 10:30 am CST

Natural gas holds the promise of reducing carbon emissions and dependence on oil. Will NGV passenger vehicles running on compressed natural gas (CNG) be the future?

This live interactive webinar will explore what is on the road now, the value proposition of natural gas as a transmission fuel, the policies surrounding the market and who will drive our future growth.

Presenter: Dan Bowerson, Director, Technology & Development, NGVAmerica

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Operations & Engineering 2016 Web Conference Series

This series of 10 LIVE web conferences promotes the discussion, learning and knowledge about issues and potential improvements for natural gas facility processes.

SESSION 7: Management of Cracking in Pipelines

Monday, September 26, 9:30 to 11:30 am CST

  • Presenter: Jim Marr, TransCanada
    • Regulations and Standards
    • Causes
    • Monitoring and Assessment
    • Control and Mitigation
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Learning & Development Committee

Upcoming Annual L&D Meeting


  • Take a quick survey to help us prepare for the Annual L&D Committee Meeting, September 14 – 15 in Charleston, SC.

The mission of the SGA Learning & Development Committee is to provide a platform for member companies to collaborate, develop and deliver solutions to meet the training and development needs of energy industry employees.

The group meets virtually on a monthly basis and annually face-to-face to develop relevant programs for the next year.

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