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SGA Network Newsletter

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Monthly Theme: Communications

Explore strategies and tools to enhance your employee and customer communication skills. View related programs on the SGA Campus: 

Leveraging the Power of Generations

  • This training series consists of seven videos designed to provide humorous educational clips about how to successfully communicate across different generations.

Advocacy and Public Perception – Getting to the Radical Middle

  • As an industry, we continue to strive to find a “common radical middle” to further conversations about effective, responsible natural gas development. Tisha Schuller shares her perspectives and lessons learned from her leadership at the Colorado Oil and Gas Association.

Technical and Business Writing

  • Tips, tools and successful techniques for technical and business writing.
Fresh Approach to Selling and Communicating Natural Gas**New Date: Thursday, August 25 from 9:30 am to 10:30 am CST**

This live interactive webinar will feature the SGA-award winning campaign, “The Energy Experts” from Florida Public Utilities. Join us online to learn why and how the campaign was built and successfully created industry awareness.

For a sneak peek, visit:

Presenters: Crystal Campbell and Danielle Mulligan of Florida Public Utilities


Register Today

Register Today

Nano-Learning Course

This course is a 2-part compilation explaining the purpose, benefits and design of nano-learning programs from Dr. Hardy MacKenzie, Humana.

Web-Based Training

Don’t miss the upcoming web-based training: A Virtual Introduction to the Natural Gas Industry Workshop!

This course is a blended learning course that includes live webinar sessions and web-based training (WBT) self-study elements covering the basics of the industry. The course is delivered over a multi-week schedule and will provide opportunities for students to ask questions, complete activities and get to know their peers and leaders in the industry.

  • A Virtual Introduction to the Natural Gas Industry runs September 13 – October 11.

Target Audience: Although designed for new or relatively new employees, this class is relevant for anyone needing an understanding of the industry to communicate with customers, clients and other departments within their organization.


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Sign Up

Operations & Engineering 2016 Web Conference Series

This series of 10 LIVE web conferences promotes the discussion, learning and knowledge about issues and potential improvements for natural gas facility processes.

SESSION 6: Monday August 29, 9:30 to 11:30 am CST

  • “Impact of Gas Systems of a Catastrophic Electrical Grid Failure”
  • Presenter: Terry Boss, SVP of Environment, Safety and Operations, INGAA

SESSION 7: Monday, September 26, 9:30 to 11:30 am CST

  • “Management of Cracking in Pipelines” 
  • Presenter: Jim Marr, TransCanada

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Webinars from Operating Conference 2016 

Were you unable to attend this year’s Operating Conference in Houston this year? Select sessions were broadcast live from Houston with conference attendees offering comments and discussion opportunity with a virtual audience, and video archives of timely roundtables are available now! 

  • Star Wars is Here: Drones in the Pipeline Marketplace – A Case Study
    • Steve Santovasi, Department Manager for Geospatial Services, Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co.
  • Process Improvement: Rolling Warehouses
    • David Hess, Centerpoint Energy
  • Operator Qualifications: Do They Measure Memory or Readiness
    • Andrea Chamblin, Kinder Morgan

Watch Here 

Watch Here
Learning & Development Committee

Upcoming Annual L&D Meeting – Get Involved!

WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK! Let us know what you’ve liked and what you need to help fill your company’s learning and development gaps.

  • Take a quick survey to help us prepare for the Annual L&D Committee Meeting, September 14 – 15 in Charleston, SC.

The mission of the SGA Learning & Development Committee is to provide a platform for member companies to collaborate, develop and deliver solutions to meet the training and development needs of energy industry employees.

The group meets virtually on a monthly basis and annually face-to-face to develop relevant programs for the next year. This year’s meeting is hosted by PSNC Energy in Charleston, SC.

 If you have any ideas for programs or speakers that you would like to hear in 2017, please send them to Veronica Garza.

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