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SGA Network News Newsletter

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Monthly Theme: Culture in the Workplace

To build a strong culture, companies typically choose to focus employee activities and behaviors around core values such as safety, compliance, customer service, ethics and  accountability.  This month the SGA Network has organized these topics as a unified program broken down into chapters to include interesting research and best practices. SGA Network members can visit the Campus to access the entire program of topics or choose to view only one of the culture items relevant to their needs. 

Workplace Culture: Why is it important to your business?

Growth & Retention Best Practices Webinar

Must see 30 minute webinar this week!

Speaker: Matt O’Reilly, Black Hills Energy

Learn more about how Black Hills Energy convinced a potential customer to start using natural gas in its all-electric facilities this Wednesday, July 13 at 9:30 am CST.

Casey’s General Story is a large multi-state convenience store within Black Hills Energy’s service territory. Historically, this regional chain has built all-electric stores. As with many large organizations, the design and specifications for their stores are completed and approved corporately not at the store sites that exist in Black Hills Energy’s service territory.

Their corporate office is not within Black Hills Energy’s service territory, and the utility that serves their corporate office is the majority supplier of electricity in the state. To gain the business of Casey’s General Store, Black Hills Energy had to create a strategy to convince the corporate office of the benefits of using clean, efficient, economical natural gas in their stores.  Register to learn about their thought process, research and strategy.ister Today


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Safety Culture Using the DuPont Bradley Curve of Safety

Available in SGA Campus NOW!

Presenters: Gina Lunsford, Training Director, Columbia Pipeline Group, and Frank Perry, Health and Safety Director, Columbia Pipeline Group

In this 15-minute video, Frank Perry, Health & Safety Director, Columbia Pipeline Group helps us understand the DuPont Bradley Curve of Safety and how they have successfully implemented it at Columbia Pipeline Group.

Participants Will Learn

  • Basics of the Bradley Curve of Safety initiative
  • Keys to your successful implementation
  • Utilizing metrics used to measure your success
  • How to effectively communicate to all employees


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Operating Conference Livestream

Can’t make it to Houston for Operating Conference 2016? You can still get in on the action by registering for one or all of the seminars to be streamed live. The broadcast live from Houston will allow for interaction with conference attendees and discussion opportunity virtually.

Format: Seminars will be broadcast live from Houston through the SGA Network with four distinct livestreams offered. Virtual participants will be able to send questions and comments during seminars through web program.

Registration details along with minimum technical requirements will be provided the week prior to the event, but please make sure to mark your calendar for July 26 to participate in one of these sessions:

  • Star Wars is Here: Drones in the Pipeline Marketplace – A Case Study | 8:00 AM CST
  • Process Improvement: Rolling Warehouses | 9:45 AM CST
  • Operator Qualifications: Do They Measure Memory or Readiness | 1:30 PM CST
  • The Cheniere Sabine Pass Import to Export Turn-Around Story | 3:00 PM CST

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Learning & development Committee

Upcoming Annual Meeting – Get Involved!

September 14 -15 | Charleston, SC

The mission of the SGA Learning & Development Committee is to provide a platform for member companies to collaborate, develop and deliver solutions to meet the training and development needs of energy industry employees.

The group meets virtually on a monthly basis and annually face to face to develop relevant programs for the next year. This year’s meeting is hosted by PSNC Energy in Charleston, SC.

If you have any ideas for programs or speakers that you would like to hear in 2017, please send them to Veronica Garza.

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