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Three Recognized at ESHT with Leaders Make a Difference Award Recipients

At the 2016 Environmental, Safety & Health, and Training Conference, SGA recognized three members who demonstrate exceptional leadership in their roles within the organization serving on committees or special interest groups with the Leaders Make a Difference Award. Congratulations to the following Leaders Make a Difference Award recipients:

Alicia Bishop, Regulatory Specialist, Senior Consultant, ERM 

Alicia Bishop, ERM

  • Chaired Environmental Committee
  • Vice-Chair of Environmental Committee, 2011
  • Chaired the Environmental Technical Conference for Permitting & Construction
    • Format change under Alicia’s leadership lead to a large increase in attendance at this annual meeting
  • Member of Environmental Committee from 2008-present
  • Introduced SGA to Dr. Scott Tinker and the “Switch” project
    • 1,500 members from 38 companies viewed this program and participated in a live Q&A with Dr. Tinker
  • Involved in development of current Environmental Inspection Workshop
    • Previously an “adder” to the February Environmental Technical Conference – now a standalone workshop offered three times in 2016

Larry Dodson, Safety & Technical Training Consultant, Louisville Gas & Electric 

  • Larry Dodson, Louisville Gas & Electric

    Chaired the Distribution Technical Training Committee

  • Chaired the Training Professionals Roundtable
  • Developed and Chaired the following just-in-time roundtables:
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Carbon Monoxide Safety
    • Turn On/Turn Off Procedures
    • Operator Qualification Best Practices
  • One of the original and “founding” volunteers of the Fall Gas Conference – hosted for the first time in 2015 in Owensboro
  • Regular instructor at the Spring Gas Conference & Expo
  • Current chair of the Operator Qualification Committee

Judy Cook, Manager, Organizational Development, SCANA (PSNC Energy)

Judy Cook, SCANA (PSNC Energy)

  • Chaired and serves on the Learning & Development Committee
    • Committee develops programs and provide guidance for the SGA Network which produced over 50 virtual programs annually
  • Chaired the Training Professionals Roundtable
  • Received the SGA Network Champion Award in 2012
    • This award is given to an individual who has exhibited outstanding support and contributed substantially through activities, expertise and promotion linked to the success of the SGA Network.
    • PSNC Energy has been a member of the SGA Network since its inception, 24 years ago. Judy’s commitment to training and learning development has contributed to the production of over 300 distance learning events. She continues to provide the SGA Network with valuable insight on the needs of the industry. Judy also has shown PSNC Energy how to best use the SGA Network to advance employee development internally and she shares her innovative experiences with other SGA members. Judy is a true champion for the SGA Network.
  • Has instructed several leadership development workshops primarily at the Spring Gas Conference & Expo, including “The Level Headed Leader: Understanding Yourself Before Leading Others”
  • Water color artist
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