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Monthly Theme: Industry Awareness

Ethical Awareness in Times of Change

Video Available NOW
Andrew L. Urich, J.D., Oklahoma State University – Spears School of Business

Andrew L. Urich, J.D., Oklahoma State University - Spears School of BusinessProfessor Urich tackled a topic we often take for granted, but at a time of rapid change requires a special focus, Ethics Awareness. The intersection of cultures when companies merge provides a unique opportunity to spend time reflecting on the importance of ethics on the effectiveness of an organization. Professor Urich’s keynote at the SGA Management Conference in San Antonio, Texas helped us with two principal challenges:

  • How do I really know if my own behavior is ethical?
  • How do I build and maintain the leadership skills proven to foster an ethical work environment?

Target audience: All employees

  • Lunch & Learn Opportunity: Great for group viewing! This laugh-out-loud video provides an engaging topic to drive group conversation

Leadership 2020: What skills do we need to lead in the future?

Videos Available NOW!

This 3-part video series investigates the skills leaders will need to guide employees in the future.  During each 20-minute segment, your industry peers will share their stories about how they developed into leaders and what skills they feel are needed to guide the future workforce.

Moderator: Mike Grubb, President & CEO, Southern Gas Association

Part 1 – Learning to a Person is Like Nutrient to a Tree

  • Felicia Howard, SCE&G Vice President of Gas Operations
  • Minh Tran, Managing Director, Utility Operations-Construction, Piedmont Natural Gas

Deana Keever and Theo ReedPart 2 – Our Success is More Due to “Soft Skills” than Technical

  • Chad Robinson, PSNC Energy, Manager, Inventory and Facility Management
  • Curtis Rice, PSNC Energy, Manager-Regional Operations-Service

Curtis Rice and Chad RobinsonPart 3 – Take Risks to Achieve Success

  • Deana Keever, Director of Operations, York County Natural Gas
  • Theo Reed, Senior Engineer, Baltimore Gas and Electric

The Rocky Road to Balance

Video Available May 9!

Colin Fenton, Managing Partner, Blacklight Research

Colin’s keynote address at the SGA Management Conference in San Antonio, Texas focused on how the energy industry is being shaped by political and financial realities in the U.S. and across the globe. Some of the many items he addressed:

  • Merger & acquisition activity
  • Commodity price
  • Pipeline siting
  • LNG exports
  • Coal-fired generation retirements
  • Developing markets
  • Pending federal elections

Operations & Engineering 2016 Web Conference Series

SESSION 5: Monday, June 27, 9:30 to 11:30 am CT
Presenter: Melissa Gould, DNVGL


This series of 10 LIVE web conferences promotes the discussion, learning and knowledge about issues and potential improvements for natural gas facilities processes. It is intended to provide a technical foundation and stimulate thinking in anticipation of roundtables at the SGA Operating Conference.

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