Compressor Station Automation & Controls Task Force


2019 Chair: Timothy McSwain,
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc

SGA Staff Contact: Andrea Williams

SGA’s Compressor Station Automation & Controls Task Force focuses on safe, reliable, effective and efficient application of automation and controls in midstream, transmission and distribution facilities. They also manage training and education relevent to this interest group.

Who We Are? Natural gas employees dealing with automation and controls within their respective companies.

What We Do? Engage and build a community within this peer group to facilitate the exchange of information.

Where We Meet? The Compressor Station Automation and Controls Task Force meets at planning meetings, conferences and monthly committee calls.

Areas of Focus:

 Focus primarily of the following topics:

Cyber Security                                                

PLC & DCS Systems                                         

ESD and Shunt Trip                                         

Control System Networking                              

Auxiliary System Automation                            

Fire and Gas Detection                                     

Wireless Devices and Controls                          

Human Machine Interface                                 


Over-Pressure Protection                                   

Engine/Motor/Turbine Controls                           

Safety Instrumented Systems                            

Hazardous Area Locations                                  

Device Testing                                                  

Control of Main Line Valves                                

Compressor Station & Unit Reliability                  

Fuel Optimization                                              

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