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Gas Measurement Training Council (GMTC)

The mission of the Gas Measurement Training Council (GMTC) is to establish, maintain and advocate the use of an industry developed gas measurement training curriculum. The GMTC has evolved from the Gas Measurement Technician Joint Industry Project (JIP). At the outset of the JIP it was contemplated that there would be 3 distinct phases to the project:

Phase l – Environmental scan, feasibility evaluation and negotiation of Participant Agreements

Phase ll Curriculum design and learning material development

Phase lll – On-going program administration, delivery and enhancement


 GMTC Board10-2012 

Some of the GMTC Board of Directors, Elba Island, GA

October 3, 2012

GMTC is a Council established by the Board of Directors of the Southern Gas Association. The Council is governed by its member companies through its elected officers according to its By-Laws.


Member Companies

Boardwalk Pipelines CenterPoint Energy Kinder Morgan Energy
National Fuel Gas Distribution Northern Natural Gas ONEOK Partners
Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Questar Pipeline Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline
Spectra Energy Transmission El Paso Corporation Williams Gas Pipeline
Pacific Gas & Electric Enterprise Products  

Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc



The Letton-Hall Group is our partner on this project.


Retirement, attrition, loss of internal training and the lack of adequate external training have created the need for a common training program, developed, owned and managed by natural gas industry operating companies.  This need is supported in a recent study by the INGAA Foundation, entitled Securing Our Future: Developing the Next Workforce, which concluded that technical skill development is inadequate, while the need for training new-hires will increase in the coming few years.

It is well-established in the measurement community that there is a shortage of skilled technicians.  Operating companies are faced with a supply of candidates who lack the basic skill set required for the job.  This shortage, combined with the inadequacy of technical skill development pointed out in the INGAA study, places less skilled technicians in the field.  High-quality, standardized training is needed to ensure that new technicians enter the field with adequate skills and that existing technicians have the resources to improve their skills and advance their careers.

In December 2007, a group of interested industry representatives gathered to discuss the formation of a Joint Industry Project (JIP) to fund the development of a measurement technician training program.  The program would be owned and managed by the JIP Partners.  During that meeting, the group decided to fund Phase I of the project and awarded it to the Letton-Hall Group.

Phase I was completed in early 2008.  The objectives of Phase I were to review existing training material, develop a curriculum for the program and provide a cost estimate for development of the training program.  The outcome of Phase I was reported at a meeting of prospective JIP members on June 19th, 2008.

Phase II - the development of course descriptions and content is well underway. In some cases, member companies have contributed content. An instructional design firm - Technical Transfer Services - is the content developer. As course descriptions and content are developed, member company experts review and authenticate the material.

Phase III - the establishment of the sustaining organization to keep content updated and to manage deployment of the program has been initiated with the formation of the GMTC.


Next meetings

  • GMTC Board Meeting
    October 3 & 4, 2012 (noon to noon)
    El Paso, Elba Island, Savannah, GA – Rick Ledesma hosting

  • Contact: Tom Pendleton, Secretary


This project is being sponsored by the Transmission Technical Training Committee and the Transmission Measurement Committee.

More Information

John Hand, Chairman

(713) 627-4898

Fraser Farmer, SGA Staff Executive
(905) 465-3386

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