Managing Natural Gas Emergencies


Workshop Scope

This 2-day workshop brings awareness to and educates attendees on some basic needs associated in dealing with natural gas emergencies. Attendees will gain an overall understanding of elements related to emergency planning and management and how to work with emergencyu response personnel. This workshop can be customized during the emergency response drills to utilize your facilities.

Workshop Goals

  • Ensure pipeline personnel are familiar with the Emergency Response Guidebook and how to use it
  • Prepare pipeline personnel on how to manage an incident
  • Provide a good understanding of the system used by emergency personnel throughout the United States
  • Understanding how to use the media to your advantage during the time of an indicent or crisis
  • Train personnel on how to conduct effective emergency drills for their company

Target Audience

Front line pipeline personnel that may be a first responder to a pipeline indicent

Front line field operations supervisors, team leads, and managers that will be the "boots on the ground" during a pipeline indicent or an event potentially impacting the pipeline system

Corporate communications personnel interested in learning more about obtaining skills to share with their organizations field operations personnel

Workshop Topics

  • Emergency Response Guidebook
  • Incident Command System
  • Media Awareness - Leveraging Your Message
  • Conducting Effective Emergency Response Drills


Neil Nixon has 25 years of experience as a communicator, including extensive experience as a journalist, corporate public relations practitioner and management professional in both the corporate and agency worlds. During the past 18 years, Neil has primarily focused on issues management and crisis communications, effectively organizing campaigns and responses to violent labor disputes, refinery fires, chemical spills, pipeline explosions and environmental issues, among others. A frequent speaker on crisis and "issues" communications, Neil has authored award-winning crisis plans and video programs and has provided training to more than 7,500 people in over 250 different organizations on how to deal effectively with the news media.


Glen Boatwright has 14 years of experience in the natural gas industry, specializing in the areas of emergency planning, response and compliance. Prior to joining Nixon & Associates, Glen served as project manager for South Carolina Pipeline Corporation, an intrastate transmission operator. There he managed the emergency planning and response program, as well as operator qualification, integrity management and pipeline compliance initiatives. Prior to his service with South Carolina Pipeline, Glen was an emergency manager for one of the most populous counties in South Carolina, a jurisdiction that included a large industrial base and nuclear facility. He has broad experience in responding to numerous emergencies as a hazmat technician and officer, firefighter and corporate counselor. He has particular expertise as a trainer on emergency management; especially on the Incident Command System.


Professional Development Hours

Workshop Schedule

Day 1: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Day 2: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Evaluation Feedback from Previous Workshops:


  • "In most cases, the fire department will be incident commander while the company IC will be subordinate to fire department IC. Good to know."
  • "The exercises were good. ICS; excellent. Mock Emergency; good idea. Videos of past incidents; interesting."
  • "I found value in every aspect of the course. The mock emergency and dealing with the media segments were very good in their content and delivery."
  • "Excellent class. Very valuable; this is eye opening and good training."
  • "Great class; everyone needs to attend just to learn the terminology that is used."

Public Offering

While not customized for your specific company, a lot of the material is also covered in our Emergency Management Workshop. Visit the workshop web page for more details about planned public events.



Bring this Training to Your Location

Bring this workshop to your location for your employees; or offer it as an open enrollment (SGA will promote the workshop for you) and offset this fee with registrations from other companies. Includes all materials. Contact Nicolle Billmyre for more details.