Growth & Retention Section Managing Committee

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2020 Chair: Jason Ketchum, ONE Gas

SGA Staff Contact:  Telesa Walton


SGA's Growth and Retetntion Section Managing Committee brings industry partners together to collaborate and facilitate the exchange of information and ideas to promote and grow the use of natural gas. Areas of focus include all Growth and Retention sectors and subjects impacting the industry.

Who We Are? Growth & Retention Professionals from across the natural gas industry, who are strategic thinkers, leaders and decision makers within our respective companies.

What We Do? Provide networking and educational opportunities to industry peers through awards programs, best practice sharing and sessions at the Growth & Retention Executives Roundtable.

Where We Meet? The committee meets virtually through webinars, in person at planning meetings and conferences, and for monthly committee calls.


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Activity Plan



2020 Activity Plan

  • Growth & Retention Executives Roundtable – September 9-11, 2020  LOUISVILLE, KY  


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Volunteer leaders, from member companies, are the energy that fuels SGA on its mission to grow individuals and advance the industry. Serving as a volunteer gives you a seat on the front row as industry issues evolve, while providing the opportunity to build a valuable network of industry friends.