Marketing Best Practices

Marketing Excellence Awards 

Now introducing, the Members' Choice Award and the Judges' Award!

SGA is not accepting applications for these awards at this time.

The SGA Growth & Retention Section Managing Committee opens this exclusive competition to SGA members. The Marketing Excellence Awards is dedicated to identifying marketing campaigns that demonstrate success with measurable results in Growth & Retention. At the 2017 SGA Management Conference, the committee officially unveiled a reformatted Marketing Excellence Awards Program.

Members' Choice Award

  • There are two awards in the Marketing Excellence Awards Program: the Judges' Choice Award and the Members' Choice.
  • Submissions are entered online, then presented live for the Members' Choice Award.
  • All contenders are given the option of table-top exhibit space to display their programs at MCEC.
  • After presentations and table top exhibits, members/conference attendees will vote for their favorite program/campaign, via mobile app.
  • Missed the Members' Choice Round 1? You will have an opportunity to participate. Check out Round 2: the Judges Choice Award!
  • The 2017 Members' Choice winner was Florida Public Utilities, Co. (FPU) - Spring Showers Campaign

Judges' Choice Award

  • Additional entries are accepted September through January, for the Judges' Choice Award.
  • Candidates deliver a presentation to the judges, via live webinar.
  • The winner of the Judges' Choice Award are invited to present at the SGA Management Conference.
  • Following Management Conference, all participants showcase their programs via SGA Network webinars.

Example of Programs for Entry: 

  • Local Government Building Programs
  • New Home Builder’s - Single or Multifamily Programs
  • Extension of Gas Main New Customer Programs
  • Trade Ally New Innovative Equipment Programs
  • Code and Standards Programs
  • Government Regulation Changes
  • Safety and Education Programs
  • Energy Efficiency Programs
  • Social and Customer Assistance Programs
  • Local Legislative Programs
  • Cooling and Heating Programs
  • Water Heating and Efficiency Programs
  • Innovation
  • Manufacture Trade Ally Support Programs
  • Value Added Programs to promote behind the Meter and/or Account Services


Previous SGA Marketing Excellence Award Winners:

2015-2016 Marketing Excellence Award Winners

2014-2015 Marketing Excellence Award Winner

2013-2014 Marketing Best Practices Award Winner and Honorable Mention


If you have questions regarding the SGA Marketing Excellence Awards program, please contact Veronica Bailon.