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How to Conduct Skill Performance Evaluations Workshop

This workshop is offered based on collective interest from multiple members or can be brought in-house for your organization. Contact SGA if you are interested in bringing this workshop to your location.

Individuals interested in attending other scheduled workshops may also contact us to determine available seats.


About this Workshop

This one-day workshop allows participants to discover the principles of effective evaluation through analysis of seven typical scenarios that cover the assessment of technical tasks. These scenarios are:

  • Shut Down Main Unit
  • Inspect Exposed Pipe
  • Perform Flame-Ionization Procedure
  • Test Meter Station Regulators
  • Locate And Mark Pipe
  • Start/Load/Stop Compressor Units
  • Test Relief Valves

After completing the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Prepare for and perform an evaluation
  • Observe the performance of technical tasks consistently and objectively
  • Appropriately use questions to aid in evaluation of competence
  • Recognize and avoid barriers to effective observation and evaluation
  • Evaluate acceptable task competence
  • Document an evaluation

This workshop includes little instructor presentation; rather, the instructor facilitates the process by which participants analyze and discuss the scenarios, and eventually to understand the process of evaluating technical tasks. In their discussions, participants will discover what to look for in the performance of an employee or contractor, observation skills and fairness in observation, effective questioning techniques, and how to avoid the common barriers to effective evaluation.

The workshop focus is on real life case studies requiring participants to identify appropriate evaluation behavior, and make decisions on how to proceed. The workshop facilitator will take participants through the evaluation process, with an emphasis on fairness and consistency, and provides guidelines for handling a variety of situations that are likely to occur on the job.


Who Should Attend

  • Evaluate and sign off skill performance of others for: operator qualification; skill base pay; promotions; skill attainment.

  • Coach/mentor others skill performance.



Tom Pendleton,  PenEdu Learning, LLC

Tom E. Pendleton is the President and CEO of PenEdu Learning, LLC, a training solutions provider.  Prior to forming PenEdu Learning, Tom worked 38 years for a Houston based energy company, CenterPoint Energy, Inc.  During Tom's industry career he was involved in the natural gas distribution, gas transmission (pipeline), hazardous liquid pipeline, processing plant (fractionation) operations, petroleum marketing crude and gas liquids, Chemicals, Transportation, Risk Management, Environmental (air, water, waste), OSHA Safety, and Technical Training.  For the past 15 years Tom has been responsibility for Workforce Development, Technical Skills Training, and Operator Qualification.  Additionally, Tom directed an Internet based training company, creating and marketing on-line training 


Bring this Training to Your Location

One price fee includes instructor fees and all course materials. There is a discount for the second workshop offered on subsequent days. Contact SGA to learn more!

Another option is to host an open enrollment workshop! SGA can help promote to others outside your company to share costs. Contact SGA for pricing information.

Recommended class size is 16 – 20 participants.

For More Information

To find out more or to express interest in scheduling a workshop, contact SGA.