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Natural Gas Quality Web Workshop Series


This web workshop series was first conducted in 2010 with over 130 operators participating in the series. Much has changed in the industry since that time including energy flow (shale gas plays), LNG exporting instead of importing, technological advancements, and changes in personnel working at our member companies.

This series will be interactive with case studies from peer companies, as well as facilitated Q&A and instant feedback through polling questions.


  • Presentations from Dr. Darin George, Southwest Research Institute
  • Case studies from peer operating companies
  • Open virtual roundtable discussion time with peers and industry subject matter experts
  • The ability to interact and network with presenters and fellow participants

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Webinar Series Outline

  • SESSION 1: Advances in Analyzer Technology
    • Sulfur Detection
    • MEMS Technology 
  • SESSION 2: Recent & Pending Updates to Gas Quality Standards
    • Guest Panelists: Joe Landes of Southern Petroleum Laboratories (SPL) & Hank Poellnitz of Kinder Morgan
    • AGA (Gas Quality Measurement Manual, AGA-4A, AGA-8)
    • API (API Chapter 14.1)
    • GPA (2145, 2172, 2261)
  • SESSION 3: Gas Quality & Pipeline Tariffs
    • Drivers for changes in tariff requirements
    • Shale gas impacts
    • Hydraulic Fracturing impacts
    • LNG: Imports to Exports - In less than 10 years 
  • SESSION 4: New Sampling Systems Design
    • Overall Design Advancements
    • Probe Design Advancements
    • Vortex Shedding Elimination
  • SESSION 5: Current Research Efforts in the Industry
    • Specific topic list under development

About our Instructor

Dr. George is responsible for research in several aspects of natural gas flow measurement and natural gas quality within the Fluid Dynamics and Multiphase Flow Program at Southwest Research Institute. Dr. George's background includes over 20 years of work related to the measurement of gas and multiphase flows, involving both computational and experimental engineering projects. Dr. George has assisted the natural gas industry in improving measurements using orifice, turbine, and ultrasonic meter technologies, but his primary area of interest is natural gas quality.

Dr. George is recognized as an industry expert on natural gas quality and natural gas sampling. In this role, he has evaluated new gas sampling methods, identified approaches for avoiding gas sample distortion, and identified best practices in the preparation of reference natural gas blends. Dr. George has also conducted research to improve natural gas quality assessment via gas chromatography, researched the accurate prediction and measurement of hydrocarbon dew points and other natural gas quality measures, addressed issues surrounding natural gas storage and accurate custody transfer of liquefied natural gas (LNG), and assisted clients with issues regarding compressed natural gas (CNG) for natural gas vehicles and natural gas interchangeability. His research at SwRI has been used as a basis for the 2006 American Petroleum Institute (API) standard for natural gas sampling practices. Dr. George serves on several API working groups developing and revising standards for natural gas measurement, sampling, and analysis.

Other Presenters

In addition to Dr. George's presentations, we have invited peer operators to share experiences and lessons learned.

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