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2019 Emergency Management Awards Contest

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Offered for the first time in 2015, the award will recognize excellence in Emergency Management and this year will focus on the effectiveness of a company's response efforts to gas emergencies. Contest winners will be recognized at the SGA Natural Gas Connect Conference July 15 - July 17, 2019 in San Antonio, TX.


Contest Topic: Innovative and Effective Training for Internal First Responders to Natural Gas Emergencies


Live Presentations

All entries will present their program by live video conference on May 15.


Entry Rules

  • Please submit the name of your program and company name in email form to aimee.wilder@southerngas.org by April 24.
  • Please put together a PowerPoint presentation with pictures, scanned articles, links to websites, etc. to describe your program:

    • Name of the program

    • Describe the program

    • Results of the program/response to the program

    • How many company employees participated

  • Each company will have 7 minutes to present the features and benefits of their program. Adherence to the 7 minute time limit will be taken into consideration when judging the entries.

  • The recipient of the award will be notified no later than May 29. 

Entry Requirements

  • A member company may nominate more than one activity.
  • Entries will be presented by web conference (you will be contacted with details after application received).
  • Programs that have previously received an SGA Emergency Management Award are not eligible.
  • A previous winner may submit a different program.
  • An entry can date back 5 years.

Judging Criteria

  • Effectiveness

    • How do you ensure exercises/ incidents are addressed?

    • Were you able to change outcomes/behaviors of responders, to what scale?

    • Process for mobilizing additional workers in an emergency

  • Comprehensiveness

    • Partnerships with local agencies

    • Request for Mutual Aid

    • Emergency facility activation criteria/ available formal procedure to activate

    • Use of ICS or other formal emergency management organizational structure

    • Availability of Emergency Equipment (squeezers, flash suits, etc)

    • Audience - How many levels of employees are trained?

    • Are other stake holders involved?

  • Continuous Improvements

    • Are Metrics Improving?

    • Is training evolved to incorporate lessons learned?

    • What is the process to insure improvements? (Short term and long term)

    • How often are you testing your plan?

    • Have Processes been changed or eliminated?

    • Needs Assessment - What did you learn and how will you apply it?

      • How are they capturing lessons learned?

    • Change Management plan - How is change being implemented?

    • What is the process to insure improvements? (Short term and long term)

      • Plan, Do, Check, Adjust model?

    • Vision and established timeline

    • Progressive path (were additional trainings needed?)

      • How are they insuring this is happening?

    • Resources needed


Sponsored by the SGA Emergency Management Committee