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DOT 192 Compliance Workshop for Natural Gas Pipeline Operators

May 15 - 16, 2018 | Atmos Energy CKV Training Facility | Plano, TX


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Workshop Background & Information 

When a lot of people hear the word "regulations" they grow concerned about weaving through the maze of Federal Register documents to find what they are looking for.  In addition, there is the challenge of reading and really understanding what the regulations say and more importantly what they mean.  That is no different than understanding and applying what is commonly referred to in the industry as the "DOT Regulations".

More specifically, those in our industry must understand 49 CFR Part 190, 191 & 192.  Just looking through the table of contents can be daunting for the first timer in the industry or those that are transitioning in to positions within their organization that requires them to understand the regulations.  This workshop provides attendees an opportunity to learn from subject matter experts in the industry with the instructors, but also allows them the opportunity to network with one another and develop connections to reach out to upon your return to your office.

This workshop will guide attendees through the code and focus on the regulations that have been found to be highly debated sections of the code for operators.  Some time will also be spent reviewing and understanding how to access and read the code interpretations that are publicly available for all to access.


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Mark L. Hereth, Principal, P-PIC

Mark has over 30 years of experience in the energy, chemical and environmental industries as well as the oil and gas insurance industry. He has worked in the areas or risk management, management system development, pipeline operations, project management, process plant design and environmental and pipeline safety legislation and regulations. At the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, he was the Senior Vice President and General Manager in their pipeline division. In this capacity he has worked with pipeline companies, industry trade associations and research organizations to develop and improve the management of risk and maintenance of the integrity of pipeline systems in order to improve safety and environmental impact as well as improve the cost structure and reliability of these systems.

Mark presently serves as a board member for the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America Foundation and is on the Faculty at the Transportation Center at Northwestern University. Mark has received numerous awards and recognitions from the Department of Transportation for his contributions in risk management and improvements to the Pipeline Safety Regulations. Mark has testified to the Congress of the United States on issues relating to pipeline Safety.


John S. Zurcher, Principal, P-PIC

John has spent 30 years in the gas pipeline industry, actively involved in pipeline safety. He served as Vice president of the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, Pipeline Group, consulting to natural gas and hazardous liquid pipeline operators, trade associations and research organizations, Previously, he worked for Columbia Gas Transmission Company as Manager of Field Services, responsible for company compliance with Federal Regulations, management of capital budget program, and development of the corporation's risk management program.

At Tenneco Energy, he was Director of Pipeline Services, overseeing corrosion control, geographic information system development, applied systems, and pipeline rehabilitation, integrity and safety projects. With PanEnergy Corporation, Coastal Corporation and Colorado Interstate Gas Company, his duties included design and operations, codes and standards, corrosion control, telecommunications, geographic information systems, and facility design and construction.

John is presently a member of NACE and ASME and serves on the B31.8 Section Committee. John has been Chair of the INGAA Pipeline Safety Committee and the GRI System Integrity and System Operations Committee. He was a member of the DOT Technical Pipeline Safety Standards Committee, the DOT Risk Management Quality Action Team and their Mapping Quality Action Team. He has testified on behalf of the industry before the Congress of the United States on several occasions on matters relating to pipeline safety.

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