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Analytic Problem Solving (Technical Troubleshooting) Workshop

This workshop is offered based on interest. Please take this brief survey to indicate your interest. This does not enroll you in the workshop, but does allow SGA to gauge member interest and plan accordingly. Contact Member Services if you are interested in bringing this workshop to your location. Details below. 


Workshop Scope

Analytic Problem Solving (APS) teaches participants how to identify, diagnose, and solve product, process and equipment problems. The typical audience includes supervisors, operators, maintenance, engineering, and key support staff. The basic theory in APS is that the only way to resolve a problem is to remove the root cause. APS gives participants the system and tools to identify that root cause.


What Students Learn

In the Analytic Problem Solving class, participants will learn a structured, disciplined problem solving method: 

  1. How to identify/recognize a problem
  2. How to ask better questions to collect key information
  3. How to use the key information to diagnose problems
  4. How to verify real cause before taking action



As a result of the above, the company stands to realize the following benefits: 

  1. Minimize repeat problems
  2. Minimize expensive overfix
  3. Minimize trial and error troubleshooting
  4. Minimize downtime and rework
  5. Improve communication, less finger pointing and blame placing
  6. Improve reliability



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Kip Erickson, President of Erickson and Company, has taught this course for over 20 years for the energy industry. Erickson and Company is an international consulting firm that also offers its programs in house and through an extensive Train the Trainer program.


Professional Development Hours

This workshop qualifies for 9 Professional Development Hours. Learn more about the SGA PDH program.


On-Job Application

A unique feature of this workshop is the on-the-job application. Participants practice the Technical Troubleshooting method on "live" on-the-job process, product and equipment problems that they bring to class. Based on job description of attendees, the exercises could include:

  • Measurement
  • Corrosion
  • Compression (turbine or reciprocating)
  • Pipeline operations


Registration Fee 


$595 ($795 - non members)



Member Services


SGA “On-Site” Program

This workshop can be brought to your location. Services provided include instructor, notebooks and other training materials, name badges, tent cards and all additional materials necessary for a professional training experience.

The fee for this “On-Site” format is as follows (non – members add $1,000 to the numbers below):

  • 1.5 day workshop:  $2,500 plus $395 per student (plus instructor travel expenses)

Minimum is 10 students; maximum is 20. SGA can help you fill a class if you are interested in bringing this training to your location but would like SGA to advertise the workshop to other companies in your area (to share costs).


Updated: May 2011