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Southern Gas Association Safety Awards are a means by which companies recognize performance. These awards are provided to member companies to stimulate interest in and add incentive to safety programs.

If you would like to nominate a candidate, please follow one of the links below to fill out the appropriate online application form:
Meritorious Award
Humanitarian Award

Sponsored by the SGA Employee Safety and Health Committee


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The Meritorious winner will be formally announced and awarded at Natural Gas Connect on July 15-17, 2019, in San Antonio, Texas. The Humanitarian Achievement Award is presented on a rolling basis.

  • The SGA Meritorious Award is designed to recognize industry employees who display courageous actions to save or attempt to save lives. If possible, the courageous action should be related to the training provided by member companies. For recognition at 2019 Natural Gas Connect, submission deadline will be July 12.

  • The SGA Humanitarian Award is designed to recognize industry employees whose Good Samaritan actions promote human welfare and community responsibility. If possible, the Good Samaritan actions should be related to training provided by member companies.
    • The Humanitarian Award is intended to recognize employees who willingly responded to a perceived need that did not escalate to an actual life saving effort.
  • Neither of these awards for individuals will be considered for industry employees while acting as members of rescue or fire squads, ambulance teams or paramedics at the time of the courageous or Good Samaritan act.
  • Any employee of an SGA member company is eligible to be nominated for either of these awards. A representative from a member company must submit a written application recommending the award. A narrative describing the event must accompany an application. SGA's Employee Safety and Health Committee will review all appropriate applications. The committee chair will make the final approval on applications.


If you have any questions, please contact Linda Todd or call 972-620-4013. 


Meritorious Winners


Meritorious Award Winners


Charles Viviano, Boardwalk Pipelines
Mike Bates, Tennessee Gas Pipeline
Colby Harmon, Tennessee Gas Pipeline/Kinder Morgan
Ryan Williams, Middle Tennessee Natural Gas Utility District



Darrin Carpenter, Kinder Morgan
Jerry Pruitt, Atmos Energy Corporation
Tim Bowles, Louisville Gas & Electric Company
Tina Revak, Louisville Gas & Electric Company


Humanitarian Winners

Humanitarian Award Winners


Tim Martin, Atmos Energy Corporation
Joey Hurst, Atmos Energy Corporation
Jason Price, ONE Gas, Inc./Kansas Gas Service
Kyle Hoeffner, ONE Gas, Inc./Kansas Gas Service
Dustin Ehlrich, ONE Gas, Inc./Kansas Gas Service



Alina Alamo, TECO Peoples Gas/Emera
Steve Arden, CenterPoint Energy
James Chastain, CenterPoint Energy
Paul Day, Kinder Morgan
McKinley Coleman, Atmos Energy Corporation



Carol Donnellan, CenterPoint Energy
Peyton Franco, Tennessee Gas Pipeline
Larry Juday, CenterPoint Energy
Gregory Lanette, CenterPoint Energy
Mark Childers, CenterPoint Energy