The third Southwest Regional Gas Conference took place in Georgetown, Texas May 7-9, 2019.

The event convened 187 natural gas professionals from 63 companies and 19 states. Participants gathered knowledge from nearly 20 different professional development and technical training topics.

The majority of sessions were practical workshops focused on specific industry topics with 2 professional development sessions including Emerging Leaders and Women & Leadership.

You can view the conference wrap-up report here.

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Want to stay linked to the industry’s latest? Check out Linked, SGA’s refreshed newsletter. View the April 2019 edition here.

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The Chinese philosopher Confucius is reputed to have said, “May you live in interesting times.” For our industry, I can’t think of a more interesting time. We have abundant supplies of natural gas, low and stable prices, and thousands of megawatts of previously coal-fired power plants that have converted to natural gas, significantly lowering carbon emissions. Yet, while we successfully serve a growing body of customers, concerns about hydraulic fracturing, climate change and the role of natural gas in our clean energy future increase. This juxtaposition requires our industry to act with strategy and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Innovation and transformation represent two-sides of the same coin. Now more than ever, we believe strategy requires a pulse on the marketplace, and that the SGA mandate is to provide members with opportunities that nurture thought leadership. So, while 2018 was a successful year at SGA in several important ways, including financial results, conference attendance, and a significant new training initiative. We too must evolve to help our members stay relevant.

This year we have three important initiatives:

Natural Gas Champions — This is SGA’s unique leading-edge training for all industry employees. Phase II of this effort was launched in the first quarter.
Drive Value for Members — From conferences to training to leadership opportunities through volunteer engagement, the SGA staff is working hard to bring more value for your investment.
Simplify the Association Structure — Several changes to the organization have been made recently, all designed to foster efficiency and improve two-way communications.

One of the most exciting changes to the organization has been the addition of Suzanne Ogle, our president and COO. Suzanne came to SGA with more than 25 years of experience in the oil and gas business and more than a decade of membership and volunteer leadership with the Independent Petroleum Association of America.

These changes will build on the strong foundation that underlies SGA. You can view SGA’s 2018 Year-End Report.

Thank you for your continued support.


William N. Cantrell
Chief Executive Officer, SGA & GMRC

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Earlier this month, SGA hosted attendees at the annual Management Conference, one of the industry’s leading conferences. Convening in downtown Fort Worth, nearly 200 leaders from across the natural gas business and country gathered together to roundtable the most critical challenges facing the industry. Sessions included experts from the industry, engaged SGA volunteer leaders and facilitated open discussion across eight functions of the business, including:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Associate Members
  • Customer Experience
  • Distribution Operating Executives
  • Gas Supply Marketing
  • Growth & Retention Executives
  • Human Resources Executives
  • Pipeline Operating Executives

The conference began with golf and a special event at the River Ranch Stockyards hosted by SGA’s Associate members, featured two special general sessions with keynote Michael Poland from Accenture and a panel of executives from SGA member companies and closed with cross-functional, concurrent sessions.

Thank you for engaging through your social networks and the GoMobile@SGA timeline with #SGAMGMT19 over the past few months. SGA’s core focus is linking people, ideas and information, and we loved seeing you connect to our mission by posting online. Here are our top social media shout outs:

· Top LinkedIn Activity: Michels Corporation

· Top Twitter Activity: Michels Corporation

Finally, thank you to the sponsors for this year, including:

· Triple Flame Sponsor – Southeast Connections

· Platinum Sponsor – EDGE Engineering & ScienceKS Energy ServicesMiller Pipeline and Consolidated Pipe & Supply Company, Inc.

· Gold Sponsors – PLH GroupEquipment Controls Company (ECCO)RCPMichelsMears and SWCA Environmental Consultants

· Silver Sponsors – SensusDNV-GLInfraSourceVega EnergyTRC SolutionsMosaic and Urbint

· Key Cards – Miller Pipeline

Once again, thank you to the attendees, speakers, panelists, facilitators, exhibitors and sponsors for making the 2019 Management Conference one of the best yet.

Mark your calendar for next year — April 15-17 in Louisville, Kentucky!

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Southern Gas Association (SGA) boasts a vibrant community of natural gas professionals across the U.S. and Canada representing the industry from drill bit to burner tip. SGA’s membership comprises 200+ businesses across the distribution, pipeline and gas supply marketing sectors and 300+ industry partners who serve the industry as vendors, suppliers and consultants. During the first quarter of 2019, SGA welcomed 26 new member companies. We’re excited for this new group to come together to share ideas, resources and best practices to develop people, relationships and solutions.

Please help us welcome SGA’s newest member companies:

  • Aliaxis
  • Allied Group
  • Amerson Engineering and Controls
  • Binkley & Barfield, Inc. (BBI)
  • C. H. Fenstermaker & Associates, LLC
  • Cenergy, LLC
  • Continuum Capital
  • GMC (Goodwyn Mills & Cawood)
  • GTI
  • Halff TriTex, Inc.
  • KERAMIDA, Inc.
  • Novara GeoSolutions
  • OSIsoft
  • Outrider Gas Transports
  • Percheron Professional Services, LLC
  • S.A.G. Pipe LLC
  • Shamrock Environmental Corp.
  • Stalwart Consulting, LLC
  • Synergy Inspections LLC
  • Terracon Consultants, Inc.
  • TPE Midstream
  • Triple R Pipeline Inspection
  • Utilligent
  • Yak Access

SGA member companies are why we exist. We want to provide exceptional experiences for members to learn new information, exchange ideas and discover solutions. Thank you to SGA members companies for all you do as we work together to advance the natural gas industry.

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A new class, Frontline Leadership Training, has been added to SGA’s 2019 Southwest Regional Gas Conference and Expo. This class provides two days of expert facilitation from Cindy Mitchell, SGA’s interim director of learning and professional development. Mitchell has more than 10 years of experience teaching this training to oil and gas companies.

Designed specifically for team leaders and supervisors, SGA’s Frontline Leadership Training is a dedicated, two-day course created uniquely to meet the needs of the energy industry crew leaders.

Most crew leaders work their way up through the ranks. They usually know the technical aspects of the crews work like the back of their hands. Typically, they are promoted to a leadership role because of their technical qualifications, an ability to work well with others or seniority.

But often they are given little or no preparation for the leadership skills needed in their new role. To solve this problem, many companies send their crew leaders to generic leadership trainings.

However, since the crew leader’s job is very different from the typical manager or leader, so much of the generic leadership training can seem irrelevant to the crew leaders.

This course will help you learn how to build better teams, resolve conflict and coach individuals to grow individually and together.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn:

  • Leadership Tools that Apply Directly Back to the Job
  • Situational Responses to Field Issues
  • How to Build Strong Teams
  • Motivational Methods for Crews and How to Implement Conflict Resolutions
  • Properly Coaching Employees and Team members
  • How to Plan Work and How to Work with Management
  • How to Lead Your Former Peers and Work with Team Members that Might Be Older and Have More Seniority than You

Who should attend? Anyone would benefit from this training, but we’ve specialized the focus to be a best fit for foremen, supervisors crew leads, craft supervisors, shift supervisors and team leads.

Sound like a good fit for you? Join us and register to attend here.



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Special Message about Natural Gas Connect from Conference Chair

Greetings colleagues,

I’m looking forward to connecting with each of you at Natural Gas Connect (NGC) July 15-17, 2019. As some of you may know, this new conference merges SGA’s Environmental, Safety & Health, and Training Conference (ESHT), Marketing, Customer Experience & Communications Conference (MCEC) and Operating Conference. With this new format, we are bringing 30+ SGA roundtables and potentially over 1,300+ attendees together this year.

Recently this spring, my fellow colleagues from the Inclusion and Diversity Roundtable had the opportunity to join the leadership groups of the various roundtables to plan our agendas. What I saw in the few days we had together was a spirit of collaboration and connection that I’m sure will transfer to the experience for all of the conference attendees. It made our small roundtable proud to see people living the values of inclusion by supporting each other, looking for opportunities to collaborate and advocating for other points of view and perspective.

While there will be some changes to the conference, you will still find familiar elements starting with a fantastic location at the J.W. Marriott Hill Country Resort & Spa. If you haven’t booked your room yet you should do that as soon as possible. The conference will also continue SGA’s tradition of recognizing and providing awards to our exceptional colleagues in their various areas of expertise within our industry. Roundtable sessions with opportunities for you to learn and engage with your peers in 30 subject matter areas including:

  • Asset Management & Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Commercial/Industrial Sales & Marketing
  • Communications
  • Compressor Station Automation & Controls
  • Contact Center
  • Dispatch & Field Resource Planning
  • Distribution Engineering
  • Distribution Integrity Management
  • Distribution Operations and Maintenance
  • End-Use Codes & Standards
  • Engineering and Construction Management
  • Environmental
  • Field Service Operations
  • Gas Control
  • Gas Forecasters Forum
  • Gas Measurement
  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • Legal
  • Meter to Cash
  • Pipeline Integrity Management
  • Pipeline Operations & Maintenance
  • Public Awareness and Damage Prevention
  • Regional Directors/Managers
  • Residential Sales & Marketing
  • Right of Way
  • Safety & Health
  • Standard Operating Procedures & Materials
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supplier Diversity (New in 2019!)
  • Training Professionals
  • Underground Storage

The agendas for the roundtables are now posted on SGA’s Natural Gas Connect website!

This conference provides a tremendous opportunity for all of us to connect cross-functionally in ways that weren’t possible for many of us in the previous conference format. I challenge each follow my “3×3 Rule” for attending a conference:

  1. Meet 3 new people
  2. Introduce 3 people to each other that didn’t know each other before
  3. Take back 3 things to your organization that can improve how we do business and serve our customers

Do this and I’m confident you’ll walk away with new connections, ideas and solutions that will benefit you for years to come.

Looking forward to seeing you all in July at NGC.


Damien Heath

Chair, SGA’s Inclusion and Diversity Roundtable

Conference Chair, SGA’s Natural Gas Connect

Manager, Talent Development and Inclusion at WGL

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Southern Gas Association’s (SGA) committee structure covers virtually all parts of the natural gas business separated into eight categories. Across these sections, there are more than 50 committees, task forces and event planning teams with 500+ volunteers supporting the organization.

The first quarter of 2019, SGA staff brought on nearly 100 new or returning employees from more than 30 different SGA member companies. We’re excited to have this new group of passionate industry volunteers commit to SGA’s mission linking people, ideas and information.

Please welcome SGA’s newest planning, task forces and committee volunteers:

  • James Spaulding, PSNC Energy
  • Laura Tracey, Washington Gas
  • Ted Gambill, Frontier Natural Gas Company
  • Brian Jackson, Atmos Energy, Mid-Texas Division
  • Jacob McGlincy, Southern Company Gas
  • John Rankin, Duke Energy Corporation
  • Jason Talbert, Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.
  • Steven Yehle, Xcel Energy
  • Tony Lange, KS Energy Services LLC.
  • Thomas Menken, Honeywell
  • John Wilson, EN Engineering
  • Rusty Hough, Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia
  • Jimmy Nicholson, South Carolina Electric & Gas Co.
  • Stephen Adams, TransCanada
  • Ebrima Cham, Southern Company Gas
  • Vidal Acevedo, Atmos Energy Corporation
  • Jasmine Ruppel, Duke Energy Corporation
  • Brent Wininger, SCANA Corporation
  • Lisa Hill, South Carolina Electric & Gas Co.
  • Jeff Martinez, Atmos Energy Corporation
  • Karl Stanley, NiSource, Inc.
  • Julie Trachsel, Spire Inc.
  • Travis Blanton, Atmos Energy Corporation
  • Nathan Craft, Vectren Energy Delivery
  • Jeremy Grabowsky, Piedmont Natural Gas
  • Allen Sopshire, Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corporation
  • Nicole Christianer, Spire Inc.
  • Shaun Slade, Spire Inc.
  • Dustin Hoey, SCANA Corporation
  • Troy Simoneau, ONE Gas, Inc.
  • Brian Focht, PECO Energy
  • Erin Obering, ONE Gas, Inc.
  • William Bates, The Williams Companies
  • Philip Blessinger, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
  • Isaac Martinez, Enable Midstream Partners
  • Forrest Frazier, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
  • Shawn Fullingim, Enable Midstream Partners
  • Ryan Miller, Washington Gas
  • Lisa Holleron, Texas Gas Service
  • DeAnna Musgrove, Southeast Connections, LLC
  • Brooke South, Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corporation
  • Sara Throndson, ERM
  • Casie Westfall, Atmos Energy Corporation
  • Carol Williamson, Atmos Energy Corporation
  • Eric Jacobs, Southern Company Gas
  • Scott Runyon, South Carolina Electric & Gas Co.
  • Donald Simmons, Entergy New Orleans Inc.
  • Christine Quinn, TECO Peoples Gas
  • David Yonce, Spire Missouri Inc.
  • Eric Scott, Vectren Energy Delivery
  • Michael Yang, CenterPoint Energy
  • George Godat, Spire Inc.
  • Steven Bowen, PSNC Energy
  • Shannon Jackson, The Southeast Alabama Gas District
  • Erin Obering, ONE Gas, Inc.
  • Darrell Reneau, TECO Energy, Inc.
  • Jesse Sapp, Chesapeake Utilities
  • Rhonda Smith, Southern Company Gas
  • Randy Head, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
  • Tony Case, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
  • James Crowley, Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline Inc.
  • Wendy Straatmann, TransCanada
  • Valerie Tubbs, Enable Midstream Partners
  • Marc Worth, SCANA Corporation
  • Darrin Chism, Summit Utilities, Inc.
  • Tony Parker, Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corporation
  • John Stephens, Spire Alabama Inc.
  • Daniel Fleming, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
  • Leonard McCoy, TransCanada
  • Lori Miller, Memphis Light, Gas & Water Division
  • Brandy Silvio, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
  • Noel Spicuzza, Atmos Energy Corporation
  • Jordan Ponizhaylo, Southern Cross Corp.
  • Jeff Whitaker, Frontier Natural Gas Company
  • Deirdre Goggins, Texas Gas Service
  • Kelley Grimes, Atmos Energy, West Texas Division
  • Lisa Holleron, Texas Gas Service
  • Sherry Kelley, Atmos Energy, Mid-Texas Division
  • Kelee Lusk, Atmos Energy, Mid-Texas Division
  • Michael Brandau, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
  • Richard Ashy, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners

Committees and volunteers are the energy who drives SGA forward, and we would like to take this moment to thank and recognize all SGA’s volunteers. You keep our organization’s wheels moving, make our communities safer and provide excellent service that meet the energy needs in America.

Are you interested in joining the effort to grow people and advance the industry for a safe and sustainable future? Together, you can solve today’s problems and drive the conversation for tomorrow, exclusively available to only member company employees.

Learn more about volunteer opportunities and engaging with an SGA committee.

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Southern Gas Association Names Suzanne Ogle President and Chief Operating Officer

Suzanne Ogle now responsible for day-to-day operational management of organization

For Immediate Release: April 3, 2019

(DALLAS, Texas – April 3, 2019) — The Southern Gas Association (SGA) Board of Directors announced the promotion of Suzanne Ogle to president and chief operating officer of the organization. In this new role, she will be responsible for all day-to-day operations of SGA with full responsibility for budget, delivering on strategic goals and performance of the team.

“We selected Suzanne for senior vice president of SGA and GMRC in February 2019 because of her experience across the natural gas value chain as well as her energy and enthusiasm,” said William N. Cantrell, chief executive officer of SGA. “Suzanne is a strong leader who consistently demonstrates SGA’s servant philosophy and immediately began delivering results,” said Mr. Cantrell. “After observing her capabilities, I am confident she will continue to drive the association forward as we engage the natural gas industry for a more sustainable tomorrow.”

Ogle came to SGA with more than twenty-five years of experience in the oil and gas business and more than a decade of membership and volunteer leadership with the Independent Petroleum Association of America. She is a member of the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI), the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and the Women’s Energy Network. She earned the Accreditation in Public Relations credential from PRSA in 2009 and the Investor Relations Charter credential from NIRI in 2018.

She holds an Advanced Marketing certificate from Southern Methodist University, both a Finance Management and a Business Analytics certificate from Cornell University and an Executive Leadership for Energy Professionals certificate from the University of Houston. She received a Master of Education in educational psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in business marketing from California Lutheran University.

About the Southern Gas Association:

For more than a century, SGA has been focused on growing individuals and advancing the industry by linking people, ideas and information. Representing the industry as a whole from drill bit to burner tip, SGA’s membership comprises 200 businesses across the distribution, pipeline and gas supply marketing sectors as well as more than 300 industry partners who serve the industry as vendors, suppliers and consultants.

Follow the Southern Gas Association On: | |


Suzanne Ogle

Media Contact:
Ashley Brazell, Marketing and Communications Manager
Phone: (972) 620-4002 | E-mail:


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In March, SGA hosted attendees at the annual Spring Gas Conference and Expo. More than 30 classes, roundtables and workshops were offered to utilities and natural gas-focused companies in the southeast.

Over three days, nearly 1,000 natural gas employees came together to learn new skills and ideas, discuss best practices and discover new products and solutions available to the industry. The sold-out expo hall boasted 100+ of the vendors and suppliers showcasing the latest products and solutions available to the natural gas business.

Thank you for engaging through your social networks and the GoMobile@SGA timeline with #SGASpringGas over the past few months. SGA’s core focus is linking people, ideas and information, and we loved seeing you connect to our mission by posting online. Here are our top social media shout outs:

Finally, thank you to the sponsors for this year, including:

Once again, thank you to the attendees, teachers, speakers, panelists, facilitators, exhibitors and sponsors for making the 2019 Spring Gas Conference and Expo one of the best yet.

Mark your calendar for next year — March 16-18 in Columbia, South Carolina!

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