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Enbridge Earns SGA’s Environmental Excellence award

As the natural gas industry takes care of our energy future, we are also taking care of our people and our planet.

Southern Gas Association is proud to recognize Enbridge as the winner of the 2019 Environmental Excellence Award for Partnership, thanks to its efforts in a local partnership to design a native seed mix to restore native Texas plants in a pipeline right of way in South Texas. These efforts restored a natural habitat for migrating Monarch butterflies.

Congratulations to SGA’s Environmental Excellence award winners, Enbridge, whose award was presented during Natural Gas Connect.

Devin Hotzel (ctr) of Enbridge accepts the 2019 Environmental Excellence Award from Suzanne Ogle (L) and Bill Cantrell (R) of Southern Gas Association at the Natural Gas Connect conference in July

Award entry detail:

Environmental Excellence Award for Partnership – Devin Hotzel, Enbridge
Enbridge partnered with South Texas Natives, Valley Crossing Pipeline, Douglass King Seed Company and landowners to design the best possible commercial native seed mix to restore native plants communities to the Valley Crossing Pipeline right-of-way in Kenedy County. Their restorative efforts provided the Monarch Butterflies a superior habitat.

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