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Mutual Assistance Update: Hurricane Harvey

As Hurricane Harvey approaches the Texas coast, SGA has been keeping in close contact with local members in its path. As all affected member companies are taking appropriate precautions, SGA staff has been proactively preparing for any necessary action to be taken with regards to the organization’s Mutual Assistance Program.

When Hurricane Katrina impacted natural gas operators along the Gulf Coast in 2005 the lack of a formalized SGA mutual assistance agreement limited the ability of operators to send aid to those impacted by the storm and associated flooding. In response, the SGA Distribution Operations and Engineering Section Committee developed SGA’s first Mutual Assistance Program. In 2015, SGA merged the program with the Northeast Gas Association to increase resources, diversity and footprint of participating members.

“While we can’t control weather events, SGA works to partner with members to help them be as prepared as possible during events like Hurricane Harvey through the Mutual Assistance Program,” says Kent Hobart, vice president at SGA and contact for the program. “We will be checking in with our members over the weekend, and we hope all communities affected will not suffer any major damage.”

SGA encourages caution and safety to all members and will be available to help as appropriate in the event of any damage or disruptions. Please remember to heed local news and government advisories during this time.

For questions about the program or immediate help, please contact Kent Hobart by email or by phone at (813) 917-8952.

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