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Arkansas Gas Association and SGA Partnership

SGA is pleased to announce our new partnership with Arkansas Gas Association.  AGA and SGA are partnering to deliver high quality member services to the Arkansas Gas Association Membership.

Benefits include:

-        Rich content development

    • Access to and interaction between AGA and SGA committees
    • Leverage thought leaders to deliver timely and relevant information to a targeted audience

-        Serving members deeper into an organization

-        Expanded and enhanced services

    • Example: AGA’s Gas Appliance Specialist program and SGA’s Retailer Outreach program

-        Enhanced communications

    • Website
    • Newsletters

-        Scale associated with back office consolidation

About the Arkansas Gas Association

AGA was formed in 1988 and held its first annual convention in Little Rock in 1989.  The purpose of the organization is to enhance understanding of natural gas in the state of Arkansas; provide training and education opportunities for its members; promote safety; to promote natural gas as a clean and efficient energy choice.

About Southern Gas Association

SGA was founded in 1908.  SGA has 160 corporate members who have assets in 32 states, and over 500 volunteers serving on over 50 committees and task forces.  SGA conducts 50 live and 50 virtual events each year.  Learn more about SGA.

“We are excited to be partnering with Southern Gas Association to provide services to our Arkansas Gas Association membership.  We recognize the opportunity to share resources including content which will enhance what we offer AGA members.” – Lisa Pfitzinger, SourceGas, AGA President

“This partnership is good for both organizations.  Our members will have access to unique learning opportunities while sharing lessons learned and smart practices from their operations.  Extending the conversation through peer-to-peer connections is the backbone of SGA through our roundtable format.  We look forward to extending those conversations with the AGA membership.” – Mike Grubb, President & CEO, Southern Gas Association

“This partnership strengthens both organizations.  The opportunity for Arkansas Gas Association to access the deep, rich content developed by SGA committees will enhance the deliverable to AGA members.  Partnering with AGA provides SGA the opportunity to co-produce and deliver quality programs deeper into AGA and SGA member companies.” – Hank Linginfelter, Executive Vice President, Distribution Operations – AGL Resources, and 2015 SGA Chairman of the Board

More information:          Amanda Morgan

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